Cooling and Alternator Upgrade

Installed a Champion CC800 3-row aluminium radiator, and deleted the mechanical fan to switch to an electric fan (coming soon). Also upgraded the alternator to accommodate this. Its a CS130 alternator from a 91 Dodge Monaco, capable of making 105amps. The mounting ears are the same, but you need to swap the Datsun pulley. Use a Dorman 85854 pigtail to adapt the wiring. To adapt the ground, I drilled and tapped a bolt for a #8 screw. I used a turnbuckle to replace the tensioner. The same belt fits.

The fan is a pusher from Spal, mounted just ahead of the radiator. It is powered by a pair of relays driven by Megasquirt. Since my "water temp sensor" is actually the Datsun cylinder head temp sensor, the fan turns on quicker than the actual water temp indicates. I have it set to come on at 195 degrees F with 5 degrees hysteresis.

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